The start of the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG season and its protection Consortium

Press meeting for the Consortium of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. The president Daniela Pinna welcomed journalists to Tenute Olbios this morning to illustrate the Consortium’s , founded in 2008, creative and innovative plan, , for the summer season, and to enlarge the circle for the future too. After the experience gained so far, today it is even more necessary to focus on the excellence of the areas linked to wine production. In this sense, the Consortium’s protection, promotion and enhancement, involves several wineries in the north-east of Sardinia. « We have chosen a precise path, claims the president, Daniela Pinna, “instead of homologating, we are sure that the key to success in the next few years will be the enhancement of our specific characteristics. And we can count on wines that have unique characteristics, unrepeatable in other areas”. With the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG brand, about six million bottles a year are bottled, 2,500 hectares and dozens of companies are brought together, for a market with a strong local pull (“70% of the market is in Sardinia and in the rest of Italy , the remaining 30% in Europe and the United States”). More than ever it is necessary to reaffirm the winemaking potential of the area, and the uniqueness of the DOCG brand. Vermentino di Gallura, the only one in the world to possess the denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin, obtained in 1996. “It is something that should be better known and we, as a Consortium, have interpreted our role in this way: making this territory better known to protect our Vermentino”. From a communicative point of view, a change of image is taking place. Together with Giuseppe Ortu’s Visionare agency, an interactive and innovative platform is being completed to provide not only a showcase of the member wineries but “a window that opens to the world”, said the president, Daniela Pinna, and she added “this is not a promotional tool for individual wineries, but a real window to highlight the characteristics of the territory, and the activity of each producer in wine tourism sector. It looks to both the commercial side as well as enthusiasts and visitors, who are not only important in the summer season, by offering them an overview of the activities and the proposals within the Consortium’s network “.

The new web portal will be ready for the first half of June. “Working on its creation was a crucial experience”, underlines the photographer Giuseppe Ortu, “ verifying the diversity that each company brings, and the vastness of the territory united under the Vermentino” sign. In addition, in a particular section there will be shots of Vermentino from each single winery, next to the recipes created for the occasion by chef Giuseppe Barracu, from Il Mattacchione restaurant. The aim is to find new pairings with the Vermentino di Gallura. An investment”, underlined the president Daniela Pinna, “made by individuals who do not intend to wait any longer for someone else does the work for them. The pandemic has put everyone on an equal footing, and pushed us to collaborate

A single winery alone can do little, but through the union of wineries and brands it is possible highlight the territory. In addition to the companies that are part of it today, the consortium network is plans to grow in the coming months”. Finally, my last words are about the flagship event of recent years, Benvenuto Vermentino, organized with the Northern Sardinia Chamber of Commerce and Promocamera and promoted together with the Municipality of Olbia. “The last edition was held in a digital version, but I remember with pleasure that many people flocked to the center of Olbia for last live edition two years ago. It is an event that will remain and is ready to get bigger. I can say that this year, taking into account the present health situation, it will be in October“.


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