Consorzio Vermentino di Gallura project: “we protect the uniqueness of our wine”.

Trust in the future and collaboration among the wineries. This is the future traced by the Consortium for the protection of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, founded in 2008, to overcome the enormous difficulties caused by the pandemic.!
An ambitious corporate identity plan for the Consortium, presented this morning, at Tenute Olbios, by the president Daniela Pinna, aimed to protect, enhance and promote Vermentino di Gallura. This is a nearly-complete new interactive site, , ready for the first half of June, thanks to the Giuseppe Ortu Visionare agency, which 24 wineries have joined so far, with pictures and infos, accompanied by dishes tailored to each wine, created by chef Giuseppe Barracu.

“We are sure – underlines the president Daniela Pinna – the key to success in the coming years will be the enhancement of our specific characteristics. We can count on wines that have unique features, not repeatable in other wine regions. Let’s not forget that Vermentino di Gallura is the only one in the world to possess the controlled and guaranteed designation of origin, obtained in 1996 “.

A specific tourism, that of the wine tourist, focused on direct local experiences, who goes beyond the sea and the beach. An activity that, for example, the Tenute Olbios has been carrying out for years, recommending visits to many archaeological sites in the outskirts, such as Castle of Pedres, the giants’tomb Su Mont’e s’Abe, and the Roman farm S’ Imbalconadu.

Wine, food and culture combination can really help to achieve the so much coveted non-seasonal tourism Meanwhile, in October “Benvenuto Vermentino”, which brought much success and audience in recent years, should return “live”. An event organized in partnership with Chamber of Commerce and Promocamera, and promoted with the Municipality of Olbia, which brought much success and audience in recent years.

These are the wineries that have joined the new platform so far: Cantina Mura (Azzanidò), La Contralta (Olbia), Cantina Murales (Olbia), Consorzio San Michele (Berchidda), Un mare di vino (Berchidda), Capichera (Arzachena), Siddura (Luogosanto), Jankara (Sant’Antonio di Gallura), Gregu (Olbia), Tanca Raina (Monti), Tondini (Calangianus), Li Seddi (Badesi), Li Duni (Badesi), Sella & Mosca (Berchiddeddu), Masone Mannu (Monti), Zanatta Vino (Olbia), Surrau (Arzachena), Animas (Berchiddeddu), Ledda (Cannigione), Tenute Olbios (Olbia), Atlantis (Berchidda), Cantina del Vermentino (Monti), Tani (Monti) and Mancini ( Olbia).


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