“Borgo DiVino” in Porto Rotondo, a great success to Vermentino di Gallura event

OLBIA. An entire town dedicated to Vermentino di Gallura, thanks to the event that took place yesterday in Porto Rotondo, the third edition of “Borgo DiVino”, organized by Porto Rotondo shopping area, involving AIS Gallura (Italian Sommelier Association, the Consortium Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. The evening was an opportunity to highlight the growing engagement, including tourism, of Vermentino’s wines as creatures of this land. Yesterday, throughout the evening, there were free tasting stalls in strategic points of the harbor, inside or next to the boutiques. The wines of the wineries attending were also pre- sented at the dinners in local the restaurants. These were the Gallura wineries attendees: Tenute Ledda, La Contralta, Siddura, Cantina Murales, Tenute Gregu, A sea of wine, Tenute Olbios, Capichera, Cantina Tani, Cantina del Vermentino di Monti, Tenuta Masone Mannu, Consorzio San Michele.

A great token of appreciation came from one of the guests of the event, the great sommelier Attilia Medda, who as delegate of AIS Gallura stated: “Vermentino is not among the oldest grape vine for the area, it arrived in Gallura in the late 19th century, and for years it was not very appreciated – that is about its historical digression. Then, in the 1960s, with the development of the Costa Smeralda , Vermentino became the grape variety where the wineries invested most heavily. Vermentino di Gallura is a particularly versatile wine, it loves the sea but not only. We must not forget that this is the only Vermentino- based DOCG we have in Italy “.

The president of the Consortium for the Protection of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Daniela Pinna, collected the plaque awarded to Elisabetta Pala as president of the “Donne del vino” association. She declared: « As a consortium we have decided to take part in focused events, which can bring our Vermentino to the top, and make it known by taking advantage of the summer. One drop at a time, the denomination needs to establish itself and it can do it in this way. It was at our request that restaurants were also involved as well as the boutiques, so that yesterday evening those who sat down for dinner were offered first of all a Vermentino di Gallura – explains Daniela Pinna -. It is not a just matter of straight promotion, but to introduce a habit that already exists in other regions where there are wine denominations: first of all by offering and proposing the product of the territory. In this case a flagship product and an Italian excellence”.


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