Decanter praises Vermentino di Gallura

The prestigious sector magazine reviews Gallura wines: «fresh and elegant».

Two pages entirely devoted to Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, praising it greatly: in the July issue, Decanter described Gallura’s excellences. An impressive luxury showcase for local wines, reviewed by the most important sector magazine in the world.

In the special issue about Italy, the renowned magazine particularly focused on the island. “Great Vermentino from Sardinia” is the title that opens the four Sardinian pages, showing a sensitive awareness in the distinction between “the island-wide Vermentino di Sardegna, and the geographically more specific Vermentino di Gallura”.

The long journey began with a quote from the English writer D. H. Lawrence, “Sardinia is different”, and with a brief description of Vermentino on its talent in keeping the aroma and sugar-acidity balance.

« Today more than three-quarters of all the Vermentino that grows in Italy comes from Sardinia”.

The focus then shifted to the exclusive Gallura excellence. Decanter enhanced specific geographical conditions where Vermentino di Gallura is born, soils with a strong presence of sand and rocky layers of granite:”this is the element that makes it almost unique among the wine regions of the world”. Wind, and «thermal jumps between day and night that favor slow aging process, by giving to the wines their distinctive variety of aromas».

Among the pages of Decanter it was remembered how Vermentino di Gallura is the only DOCG on the island. Finally, a careful account of the vermentino styles produced, from the Vermentino “Superiore” to the “Vendemmia tardiva”, the “surprising sparkling version”, and the “Passito”. “Generally not very citrusy, but not necessarily”, quoted the magazine review, ever since Gallura was a pioneer of aging Vermentino in barrique, the wines stand out for their freshness and elegance”.

A high profile acknowledgement for the area, prestigious publication that follows the one appeared in June, in the special issue of Bell$Italia focused on Sardinia.
Below is the comment of the president of the Consortium for the protection of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Daniela Pinna: «In this hard moment of recovery we welcome these praises to Vermentino di Gallura and to its producers, as one of the highest awards we could expect. After the hard work done by the Consortium and its wineries, we are starting to reapp the outcomes, these are her claims, which confirm more and more Gallura as a tourist specialized destination all year round, one of the excellent areas of Italian wine too”.”


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